Vertical Empowerment

Many of us have felt the "pain". The Alan Whitsett Vertical Empowerment "pain" as he works on your body to make you a better cyclist. Like the suffering we feel at times during hard efforts on the bike, it's a "good pain". We are proud to announce that Vertical Empowerment returns in 2015 as an Affiliate Sponsor of SJBC.

"Vertical Empowerment offers hands on therapies for acute and chronic injuries, including Active Release Techniques, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Bodywork and Egoscue Method, along with techniques for ongoing stretching and flexibility, care and prevention of injuries and optimal athletic performance." Club members receive a 20% discount on services.

Initial Appointment
A thorough patient history is compiled including examination of MRI and X ray results if applicable, followed by an visual assessment of posture. Range of motion will also be assessed to aid in determining course of treatment. Active Release Technique will be utilized to free any adhesions in soft tissue the purpose of which is to eliminate sources of pain and debilitation. Often times exercises will be recommended to initiate postural improvement.

Follow Up A.R.T.
After the initial appointment, follow up ART treatments may be scheduled in 15 minute increments depending upon the extent of work required. These appointments will be about palpating the involved tissues to determine progress and to evaluate the proper course of treatment. Hands on ART is then used to continue freeing up adhesions in the tissues.