Earn Money for Charity, Earn Money for the Club, Just by Logging Your Rides
Plus 3 Network is a website where you log your rides, and corporations pay a charity money in your name for every mile you ride. When club members hit over $300 a month for their Causes, Plus 3 will donate $100 a month to our Junior Program. When you ride, get fit and fast, and charities and the club makes money.

How To: Log A Ride

  1. To log a ride, you can simply fill out the form on the Home page or the Activities Tab

or if you have a Garmin

  1. Plug your Garmin Forerunner or Edge into your computer
  2. Press the Upload GPS button from the Home or Activities Tab

Make it Count for San Jose Bike Club:

  1. Log on to Plus 3 Network, then Click the People Tab
  2. Search for San Jose and on the second page of results you should see the club
  3. Click on it and then make a friend request
  4. Now your rides will count towards the club sponsor dollars

Joe Fabris hits a lot of the ACTC rides and does the Tuesday Night Crit in the Plus 3 Kit. Feel free to chat him up.

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