SJBC CX Season

Events competed in: Central Coast CX #2 | Surf City | LARPD CX Series

CCCX #2 : 29 September 2008

SJBC: Travis Tonn
Category: Men's C's
Result: 16
Weather: 73 degrees per my Polar HR
Race Length: 40 min
Teammates : None

Race Report: I woke up on time but I had talked a friend into racing cross. He wasn't quite ready but we were on the road at 6:50am for our 9am race. We got to the registration at 8am where I proceeded to open my wallet to discover I had $11. What a crappy feeling. 1 hour before your race and no money and no atm close by. I asked my friend he had $7 after his $30. I was short $12 for the registration of $30. We quickly hopped back in the car in search of a atm or place to get cash back. Luckily the Fort Ord gas station on Sunday does not open till 09:00. Back on the freeway to Target to buy a pack of gum and get cash back. We arrived at 8:39am as registration closes at 8:45. Waited in line as the 10am guys were in line now. Waited in line for what seemed like forever for a porta potty. Was pumping my tires up with 9 minutes to go. Pinning my number on my jersey and arriving to the line with Keith yelling racers to the line for our briefing. What a rush (not a good one). I did not get to see the course let alone ride the course and get any kind of warm up in.

I asked Steven Woo for a quick briefing of the course as we waited for the bell to start. He laughed at me telling me there are barriers and the course goes up then goes down. Haha...

My race pretty much went down hill from there as I went through the 1st set of barriers and looked at my HR which said 185. In less then 2 minutes I went from 85 to 185. Seeing that I did the mental turn on survival switch. For laps 2 and 3 my stomach was cramping which is a new thing. Cross brings out the best in you I guess. I passed a few guys. My last lap I was really tired and at one point was walking over the barriers which now I look back is pretty funny.

SJBC: Matthew Kramer
Place: 18th
Category: CX A
Field Size: 30
Conditions: Overcast and 62 degrees
Team Mates: Aaron Hunter
Course: Fast, cyclocross course some sand a few barrier sections and a some logs to hop

Race Report: Cross is here and I am so damn excited!! OK this was my first CX race of the season and my intent it complete about 6 to 8 times before the end of the year. The objective was to get the initial race shock out of my system and then build on that. Wow! This is a fast field. The masters A field is super competitive with less than a few minutes seperating the entire field. If you bobble or have a mechanical in the race you can easily lose 3 to 5 spots in a heart beat or two.

The course was super fast with lots of single track and lots of lose sand and gravel. Not as many turns as one would expect in CX course but hard is hard. The course started out up hill to a barrier section in the first 50 yds. After the barriers it continued up hill for another 100 to 200 yds. I have no idea how long it really was as I was breathing through my eye balls the entire time. I did not go out at 100% because i did not want to blow up on the first lap. I simply went out and got my spot and held a pace just above threshold for 45 minutes.

All was going great but as is the case in CX I dumped it in the sand pit and my brakes locked up on my tire. I had to fix that so BAM! I lost about 4 spots and about 30 seconds. On the last lap I dropped my chain to the outside and had to get off the bike to get going again. BAM! 3 more spots lost and about 20 seconds. In the end I was 18th and for the most part really happy with how I felt.

Race #2 will be Oct 12 at Laguna Seca. The plan is to be more aggressive on the start and dial my bike in better to avoid the mechanicals. The goal is top 10.....

Surf City CX : 26 October 2008

SJBC: Matthew Kramer
Place: 11th
Category: CX A
Field Size: 45
Conditions: Sunny and warm
Team Mates: none
Course: Fast with no opportunit to recover, grass, cement, single track and run ups

Race Report: Well my form is improving. This race #3 for me this season and I have steadily movied up in the standings on each race. My objective is to get myself firmly planted in the top 10 of the M35+ A category. This time I was less than 5 seconds out of the top ten finishing 11th. I was knocking on the door and got pipped on the last turn. I had nothing left and could do nothing but watch it happen. This course was fast with no opportunity to recover. It was full gas from begining to end. Lots of turns with a mixture of road, single track, grass that sucked the life out of you and a nice run up. The start was a mess as 40 guys converged on a 180 degree turn in the first 30 seconds of the race. If you got through early you had a nice gap if you got stuck in the mess well it was catch up time.

I was pretty tired going into this one and knew I had no punch for explosive moves, which proved to be true. I simply put my head down and picked a pace I could barely maintain. In the end it was really good fun and I would love to see more of you out there. Give CX a try and you will immediately fall in love with it. That is if you like lots of pain that only lasts 45 minutes.. Until next time.

LARPD CX Series : 6 September 2008

SJBC: Doug Aldrich
Place: 3
Category: CX C
Field Size: 26
Conditions: Sunny Very Hot!
Team Mates: none
Course: flat grassy

Race Report: This was my first cross race, ever. Livermore is very laid back course. Angela and I arrived just before 8:00 and I went to register. We both started pre-riding the course. I was looking at different lines and ways to go over the barriers. I went back to the car to get ready for the race and I see one of Angela\'s teammates riding away from registratrion. I am thinking cool, she will get Angela to race. And sure enough, I see Anglea standing in line to sign-up for her race.

My race started staging and I was right behind the first row. In cross, they have muliple races going on at the same time. This allows you to work with others not in you cat. The race started and I was near near the front. I moved up in the grassy section to second wheel. Right behind a strong junior. I am thinking cool. All I have to do is sit on this kid\'s wheel and I will not even have to pull. But, we came off the grass section to an off camber turn and I went down. A few guys past me and I jump back in. I started working with another guy and we continued around the course. I am still learning how to mount/dismount which is where I can definately gain some more time. A B SS caught me at the end. I finished the race. My throat has never been so thrashed. It took 2 days to recover. All in all, cross is a blast, you are just some kid playing again.